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Haryana – Penjab et Chandigarh: Shared capital

06 Jan Haryana – Penjab et Chandigarh: Shared capital

Nestled in the northwest region of India, the states of Punjab and Haryana are among the richest states in the country. Discover these Indian regions and their capital city, Chandigarh.


Two close states…

Together with Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana were former Punjab with its capital Lahore. During the partition of India in 1947 between the Indian Union and the Dominion of Pakistan, former Punjab was divided: Western Punjab is now part of Pakistan Punjab, while the Eastern Province has been divided into 3 parts.

Chandigarh is the capital of Haryana and Punjab. Similar to the western cities, the Territory of Chandigarh was built from plans designed by the famous French architect Le Corbusier in 1953. Therefore, Chandigarh is different from the other Indian cities. Its wide avenues, large concrete buildings, its green spaces and especially a well regulated road traffic.

Discover Haryana

Located northwest of New Delhi, the State of Haryana is known for its agriculture and manufacturing.  The local language is Hindi and it says “Namaste” to greet. When visiting the region, do not miss the Mughal Gardens Pinjore, quiet and with exceptional beauty! Make a stop at Kurukshetra, surrounding the town of Thanesar and the village of Jyotisar.

At Thanesar is Brahma Sarovar, a large pool which, according to the Hindu beliefs, was created by Brahma himself. Do not forget to visit the largest museum dedicated to Krishna. Jyotisar, which means light source and inspiration, a village considered to be the place of origin of the sacred text of the Bhagavad Gita. It is a tale about Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu and Arjuna, son of the god Indra.


Welcome to Punjab !

Punjab literally means “the land of five rivers“. It is a Sikh state where the local language is Punjabi. If you are being greeted “Sat Sri Akal” it means hello! Granary of India, Punjab is located at the foot of the Himalayan chain and is full of lush landscapes. The area is also famous for its “butter chicken” and bhangra, music and Punjabi dance. You cannot leave without making a stop in Punjabi Amritsar! The second most populous city of Punjab, Amritsar is home to the famous Golden Temple; the marble and gold shrine, holy place of the Sikhs, where you may listen to the sound of the sacred hymns.

Amritsar means “pool of Nectar” and “Immortality basin”, in reference to the pool of water that surrounds the temple. At night, the reflections of the golden temple in these waters will dazzle you! Enjoy a good meal in the company of the followers within the temple is an amazing experience!

Also do not hesitate to stop at Tarn Taran, 24 kilometers southeast of Amritsar. You will discover the Sikh Darbar Sahib temple with the largest basin, having the virtue of curing leprosy. Your next stop is Anandpur Sahib, one of the five holy cities for Sikhs with Amritsar, Patna, Nanded, and Talwandi Sabo.

This place symbolizes the place of creation of the order of the Khalsa (Sikh chivalric order). A few kilometers from Amritsar is the border between India and Pakistan. Every day, the armies of the two countries are engaged in a reality show named “Waga Border“, an opening of the border, mounted flags, national songs all without exceeding the boundary of Indian and Pakistani lands.

Enjoy a trip in the great Northwest plains of New Delhi. After a visit of Haryana, the encounter with the friendly people of the Sikh world will delight you and will leave lasting memories!

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