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Indian cuisine

06 Jan Indian cuisine

India is known for its beautiful landscapes, its monuments and sumptuous palaces, many myths and religions, but also for its famous cuisine. The gastronomic stay is an original way of discovering the Indian culture and getting closer to local people!

Spices: the essential ingredient


Indian Cuisine : Spices


Indian cuisine is considered one of the most popular exotic cuisines in the world. The variety of ingredients and spices makes it extremely tasty. You may find a myriad of spices crushed together and carefully selected to make each dish tasty. In most seasonings , you will notice the red chili, pepper, ginger, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and turmeric. Saffron is also used for its particularly fine taste in rice preparations.

On your way , stop in the area of Kochi and enjoy the spice gardens filling the air with a thousand aromas. Spices, you will find even in the desserts, especially the gulab jamun, milk browned meatballs to the skillet and served with a flavored syrup with cardamom and rose water.


North Indian cuisine


Indian Food : Chicken Curry


The north-eastern cuisine originates from the Mughal tradition. It is rich, creamy, deliciously spiced and fragrant, sprinkled with herbs and spices and saffron. The tandoori is a popular preparation you can eat with chicken, meat, fish or shrimp. You will definitely enjoy this recipe seasoned with herbs and cooked in a clay oven, the indispensable “tandoor”.

Northern India is the birthplace of the world’s best rice: basmati. Taste the roasted flat bread in various forms, but always served hot and fragrant. For smaller appetites, choose samosas, triangular slippers thickets vegetable curry, pakoras and vegetable bases. As for the Biryani rice to be tasted at least once!

A rather vegetarian cuisine in the south


Indian Street Food : Butter Naan


The coast of Kerala is known for its variety of vegetable-based dishes such as “dal” or the “sambar”, a mashed lentils mixed with fresh vegetables, if not “the aviyal”, a vegetable stew the coconut and spices. A blast of flavors awaits you.

For fresh produce, Mumbai is home to the second largest fish market in the world. Here you can eat gourmet very tasty and flavorful dishes, both in small local places that in the great gourmet restaurants. Experience a taste of Halwa, a semolina cake containing raisins and cashews. On the Indian west coast, there is also a large selection of fish and other seafood… do not forget to taste some specialties. Mumbai duck, the pomfret (Indian salmon) and Dhan Sak to Pharsi (lamb or chicken cooked with curried lentils). Enjoy these dishes with naan, white flour sourdough pancake.

Enjoy a culinary stay: discover the Northern Indian cuisine, rich in colors and spices and tasty vegetarian cuisine in the South. Flavors, aromas, spices and authentic colors!

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