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Tamil Nadu: from Chennai to Kanyakumari

06 Jan Tamil Nadu: from Chennai to Kanyakumari

Tamil Nadu is located in south India; a dynamic state rich in history and full of cultural sights. Discover magical and unusual places where the most ancient traditions are well rooted in the 21st  century. From Chennai to Kanyakumari, let yourself into the heart of an amazing civilization and be amazed by the impressive architectural and religious wealth!

Attractions of the North


South India : Rivage Temple Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu


Chennai (formerly Madras) is the gateway to South East India. some of its highlights are Fort St. George, or the Temple of Kapalishwara, visit if you have time. Her neighboring town, Mahabalipuram is full of Hindu monuments dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna. You will have the opportunity to visit the Shore Temple, all seven pagodas or the 5 Rathas, built from rocks of original shapes and sizes. Moving away from the Tamil side, you will come across Gingee worth a detour for its fort and its fortified enclosure containing 3 majestic rocks, the largest of which reaches 300 meters high. Continue a little further and discover Tiruvannamalai; pretty little town at the foot of a sacred mountain (Arunachala) where thousands of pilgrims visit at every full moon. Before leaving, do not forget to get the blessing of the temple elephant Annamalaiyar!


Tamil center: between colonization and traditions


South India : Auroville Tamil Nadu


In this former French colony, lined with flowering bougainvillea and cathedrals. The French heritage alongside the Indian and Tamil character make this city a very special destination. Temples to visit, like the Ganesh Manakular, colonial mansions and beautiful quiet beaches.

Just 10 km away you will discover Auroville, a strange city inhabited by researchers in the middle of a tropical forest. Here no religion or politics: this international city is populated by 51 different nationalities. One of the best sights of India.

A little to the south of the state, the Chettinad region holds many surprises! Small set of villages, they are famous for their manufacture of colored fabrics, ideal for making saris. The finest cuisine of this region is known as one of the most fragrant of India.

The spiritual south of Tamil Nadu


South India : Madurai Temple


Rameswaram is the second most popular place of pilgrimage in India after Varanasi. The city is located on a peninsula and makes it an amazing place. Do not miss the Mandapam, 200 meters long monument, consisting of a thousand sculptured pillars: fascinating!

In Madurai, numerous temples are sure to enchant you. Do not miss the temple of Meenakshi Amman, one of the liveliest of all India by the large daily influx of the faithful. Complete this fabulous immersion in the southeast of India by our favorite: Kanyakumari, the southernmost city in the country. Here, you will feel at the forefront of the world. Take time to admire the sight where the two seas meet at sunset. A magical and unique moment.

Must-see in South India, the Tamil Nadu. It stands out as a region distinct even from the rest of India. It is illustrated by its unusual architectural features and a welcoming population, while offering the best of the Hindu tradition. In Tamil Nadu, going on a journey high in colors and discoveries.

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