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06 Jun 20 useful tips to know as a tourist (part 2)

Namaste my friends ! As promised, here is the second part of our good tips to help you discover the tumultuous, disorienting, noisy, charming and delirious India

Voyage en Inde : Saddhu Indien Varanasi

Belch at will:  let yourself go and burp if wanted. It signifies that you ate well. It is your hosting family that will be happy !

Be prepared in advance: when you want to reserve a train ticket, try to take it in advance as possible. Some lines are sometimes full weeks in advance or even months. Good to know : some places are reserved to people with a tourist visa.

Smoking is illegal: contrary to some received ideas, marijuana is legal in some parts of India (the city of Jaisalmer for example). In the rest of the country, its consumption is strictly prohibited and severely punished by the law.

Voyage Inde Nord : Bang Lassi Shop Jaisalmer

The nodding mystery: moving his head from right to left is a veritable national sport. It is what we call the nodding. Contrary to the appearances, it means “yes” or “i get it”. You will see it’s quite confusing.

The tampon is taboo: it is very easy to find sanitary towels, however if you’re using tampons, take some from your home country before leaving. Except in pharmacies in big cities (not sure) we bet you to find some !

Oh my pretty bikini: ladies, unless you want to attract the attention of all the people in the beach, avoid wearing a your favorite bikini… We suggest you to swim wearing a sarong or even a short and a tee-shirt.

Learn the basics: if you go to a cinema hall in India (we strongly recommend you), you will see that it is a real show ! Indian people sing and dance at the same time of the Bollywood movie that they are watching. The reason: the original tapes are out before the movies in India.

Voyage en Inde : Bollywood Cinéma Indien

Bakchich ! Bakchich ! Accustom yourself to this formula which establishes the fact of giving a little tip to thank for a given service (or to ensure that it would be made more quickly). The difficulty lies in the fact to estimate the amount of the bakchich.

Forget your croissants: except the restaurants of the hotels of a certain standing, the occidental breakfast doesn’t exist. In the indian cuisine, we eat sour food in the morning. In the South for example, the dosa (kind of pancake) is an institution.

Keep cool: we never say it enough, but in India you have to know to be patient. Indeed the service in restaurants are a bit more longer than ours and trains are often late. Well, that is what makes the country charming.

Now you’re finally ready to conquer the subcontinent. You’re so well informed that no one will believe that it’s your first trip to India.

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