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07 Jun Streetfood in India : eat local (part 2)

The sweet touch


  • The kulfi

The kulfi is a typical indian ice cream, that you can find easily in dhabas, when it gets hot (it is often the case in India). A delicious ice cream made from cream, milk and sugar flavored with mango, pistachios or saffron. Very refreshing !

  • The jalebi

The jalebi is a fried donut, dipped in a sweet syrup that we can often find in markets. You can recognize it easily thanks to its strange shape as a round whirl. Plan something to rinse your fingers, this sugar-based donut might hang on to it vigorously (indeed, sugar sticks ! )




  • The Lassi

The lassi is traditional indian drink made from yoghurt. If during your trip you pass by Varanasi, we suggest you to have a look at the Blue Lassi Shop. They are prepared in a traditional way and served in terracotta pots. Nouvini especially like the banana one !

  • Fresh fruit juice

Do not worry with fresh juices. Ask them to be prepared in front of you, without water or ice. You can then cool off with a delicious mango juice, considered as the king of fruits, for only thirty rupees !

  • Sugar cane juice

What is this strange machine with wheels that makes some funny sounds ? A sugar cane juicer obviously ! To get the best of it, the seller makes many rounds with the branches one by one to serve you the drink. Super fresh !

  • Coconut water

A large machete and here you have your extra fresh coconut water ! You will taste the juice through a straw… Yummy ! Coconut water has prodigious virtues for your body. It is rich in minerals, contains vitamin C and B, calcium, iron, magnesium… The ideal refresher to hydrate as a natural complement to food.

  • The chai

It is THE drink you will find at any stage of your journey. They are absolutely everywhere ; in the street, the restaurant and even in the train served by the famous “chai man”. This tea with milk, ginger and cinnamon can be drunk without worry because it’s boiled, sometimes for hours. In addition, you will spend only 5 to 10 rupees a cup. To consume without moderation.


Useful glossary

  • Paneer : cheese made from buffalo milk
  • Pani : water / Pani bottle : water bottle
  • Aloo : potatoe
  • Palak : spinach
  • Besan : chickpea flour
  • Anda : an egg
  • Curry : contrary to the spice we call “curry” in Western countries, the curry in India is a cooked dish with spices and a sauce.
  • Daal : any kind of beans, peas or lentils
  • Raita : a yoghurt-based condiment containing vegetables sweet/sour/spicy
  • Masala (ou massala) : spice blend
  • Tandoor : deep and clay oven with high temperatures. The “tandoori” dish is cooked in this type of oven

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