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20 Mar Travel tips for India

One of the most charming and rewarding destination, India can also be challenging and frustrating if you are visiting it for the first time, it can be a major culture shock for your senses. India is huge and mystifying. It is everything and more, all at once than just a vacation. It is an epitome of wonderful experiences. It has numerous religions and cultures, growling traffic in sprawling megalopolis and bustling with nonstop activities. Before taking a plunge to India, we provide you with some essential rules and travel tips best to follow:

Cultural awareness

Possibly you may have heard this expression before, “when in Rome do as the Roman do”. In other words, go local. It is a beautiful feeling and at the same time polite to follow and indulge into the customs of India. Build your journey around understanding the diversity of Indian culture. The people are genuine and friendly, try to make friends in order to understand better the significance of different festivals. If you have the opportunity to attend a traditional wedding, make the most of it. It is an honour to have a guest in India, as the epigram says “Atithi devo bhava”, meaning guests are equivalent to God. If you have the chance to be invited at someone’s place, do bring a gift and remove your shoes before entering their home. It is particularly important to remove you shoes while entering a temple or if you see shoes outside a shop, it is a sign to remove yours.

Stay healthy and hygienic

One of the most important travel tips is how to stay healthy during your trip. First timers are pretty much common to have a dodgy stomach. As a precaution, do not drink tap water, stay on bottled water, refrain from asking ice or having ice cream, avoid fruits and salads that you have not peeled yourself. Let your stomach be acquainted for a few days before adventuring into street food, but before buying anything assess the standards of cleanliness. There is food for every taste bud. Numerous travellers go veggie while holidaying in India, there is a plethora of vegetarian food as most Indians are vegan. If you want to eat non-veg, make sure it is well cooked. The best way to check hygiene standard is to stick to stalls or restaurants that are packed with locals. It is safer if you carry tissue paper, antibacterial wipes or anti-bacterial gel in your bag in case you want to use the loo or clean up before eating with your fingers.

Learn to Bargain

Bargaining is part and parcel of Indian culture. Everyone does it, so it is a particular and normal thing to do. The prices for tourists are usually high. There is a wrong idea among the sellers in India that travellers are rich. Ask an opinion from a local before buying anything. Evaluate the look of the sellers if you are in the local markets, do not haggle with farmers or artists as they are already earning money in a hard way and they are so humble. Merchants with big and classy phones in their hand are the right choice to master or improve your negotiation skills.

Don’t over pack and dress wisely

Take less clothes as you will have numerous chances to shop. It is nearly impossible to skip such an experience. Shopping in India will make you blissful. Every city and town has a variety of pharmacies: standard, ayurvedic and homeopathy, so you don’t need to bring all medicines unless you are visiting a remote village. Do bring your high sun protector and charging adapter converts. India has a relatively modest culture so dress conservatively, cover your arms and legs. It is believed that Indians dress traditionally all the time and only a small percentage don’t. It is because India has a Mass population, girls drape the western look in most working city. So dress wisely with harem pants and jeans covering with baggy sweater or long blouses.

Stay safe

One of the most important tips is to make yourself comfortable and safe. It is not advisable to carry huge amount of cash with you as there are plenty of pickpockets.  Do not wander dark streets alone, there are plenty of ways to avoid subtle dangers in India. It is a lot safer to travel during the day. Try to avoid arriving anywhere in the middle of the night or early in the morning.

Embrace your journey

Your trip will be a roller coaster ride with every emotions possible on this beautiful and stunning land. Just embrace your experience as it comes your way: accept an invitation to family gathering or traditional wedding and remove you shoes as you enter any home. Expect the unexpected, be open to changes.

India is gorgeous, shocking, an assault to the senses. Prepare well, travel with an open mind and you are sure to enjoy your trip marvellously. India is an adventure, not a holiday.


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