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Indian Culture

20 Mar Travel tips for India

One of the most charming and rewarding destination, India can also be challenging and frustrating if you are visiting it for the first time, it can be a major culture shock for your senses. India is huge and mystifying. It is everything and more, all...

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18 Apr Women travellers in India

In some parts of the world, women are still in a delicate position and it is a secret to anyone. It is the case in India, indeed being a conservative country, with loads of codes whether clothing, habits or manners. Those are some facts you...

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06 Jan Indian cuisine

India is known for its beautiful landscapes, its monuments and sumptuous palaces, many myths and religions, but also for its famous cuisine. The gastronomic stay is an original way of discovering the Indian culture and getting closer to local people! Spices: the essential ingredient     Indian cuisine is considered one...

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